Always in stock!

Always in stock!

You'd better wear your safety shoes when entering our warehouse, also known as 'Jeroen's base'. Not because it is not safe, but because we care about the safety of everyone and of that of our products. And besides, you don't want to argue with the muscle-bound men of our warehouse. 😉

The orders are prepared with the greatest care so that they can be delivered to our customers without any problems. But make no mistake, they do much more than that. Our warehouse is the crucial link in all CTOUCH processes. It is, in fact, extremely important to know exactly which goods are in stock. Besides keeping track of all goods, our warehouse employees are responsible for various activities such as goods flow, storage and loading and unloading.

Jeroen and his team are friendly, hardworking colleagues who are always in for a fun joke. They like to take that extra step for a smile and make a difference (we are personal).

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We always go the extra mile in our warehouse to make sure that all orders can be delivered on time.

Michiel Verhulst LR
Michiel Verhulst Warehouse Supervisor


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