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At your service!

At your service!

The driving force of this department is: optimally functioning products and a more than satisfied customer. Everything is done to get it right (we own it). And with success. We help each other and everyone who is important to CTOUCH.

The first- and second-line support engineers speak to our customers by phone and can, in most cases, solve potential problems immediately. In the unlikely event that this does not work, then the field service engineers jump in their van and solve the problems on site. They also repair the screens that are transported to our workshop or carefully dismantle defective screens for recycling. After all, we attach great importance to minimising CO2 emissions. Furthermore, this team takes care of countless other matters where quality is paramount. Finally, our buyer takes care of the best suppliers and most sustainable materials.

The team is led by our Operations Manager: Ron. He has the noble task of making sure everything runs smoothly. Not only at Customer Care, but also for our incredibly cool warehouse.

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The contact with the end customer, whether it's by phone or when we visit, is very important to us.

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Richelle Kramer Field Service Engineer


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