Product & Innovation

Product & Innovation

The heart and brains

The heart and brains of CTOUCH

Great products and continuous innovation. Our P&I team is not satisfied with less than exceptional products. They are always looking for better solutions with the objective of achieving outstanding results (we work smarter).

Our team consists of 10 very dedicated men. Each responsible for a specific part of the development of our solutions. From design to production of the touchscreens, the mobile and wall lifts, the training courses, the packaging, the accessories... too much to mention really.

These nice bunch of nerds maintain a lot of contact with our customers. The common thread in everything we develop is what is most important to the customer.

The advantage, but at the very same time a small disadvantage of these smart and creative people is that they often have lots of excellent ideas. So that makes a whole lot of good ideas. Anthony, the bunch's boss, fortunately ensures that all these loose ideas are tied together. After that, the most innovative solutions emerge.

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In 10 years' time touchscreens will be everywhere in the business world. All of them equipped with smart solutions to make collaboration as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

Willem Jan van der Meer LR
Willem Jan van der Meer Product Owner


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