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The creative brains

The creative brain of CTOUCH

Dedicated to getting our message across. Sometimes in a surprising way. Usually with a big smile. And always honest and clear.

The team is engaged with everything that has to do with our face to the outside world. From our website, product information, videos, white papers, blogs, social media, online marketing, marketing tunnels for lead generation to business gifts and events. But that's not all. We develop marketing tools that are in line with CTOUCH's strategy to achieve its business goals. And all that wrapped up in the unique and sparkling brand identity. (we own it).

The CTOUCH marketing team is versatile and consists of people who excel in their field. We are doing so well because we manage to do it together as a team. Well yeah; and because we have Joran as team captain. 😉

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The more relevant we are and the more personal we communicate with our customers, the better!

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Anouk ten Hoopen Communication Expert


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