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Bye, bye hackers!

Is your school cyber secure yet?
What are the greatest cyber risks and
how can you ensure a safe online
learning environment?

A safe digital learning environment

It’s all happening in the education sector. Nowhere else have we seen a more rapid uptake of new technology than in education. New trends and developments are compelling schools, colleges and universities to consider how to keep their digital learning environment safe.

With the digitisation of education on the rise, schools are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks. They have never been so vulnerable. So it’s high time to intervene! But where do you begin? You can read more about it in this white paper.
Bye, bye hackers 👋

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What makes education a desirable target for hackers? What are the primary risks and where do the vulnerabilities lie? You can find out more about these in this whitepaper. Be sure to check out the handy checklist too, featuring tips on how to best protect your school from cyber attacks.

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According to Microsoft:

‘Over 60% of cyber attacks globally target education Institutions.’

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