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Veranstaltungen 17-02-2020

ISE 2020 highlights

What a week at the ISE 2020! World's biggest AV show. Hopefully you've enjoyed experiencing all latest AV technologies. Sad, but true: the final ISE edition that takes place in Amsterdam. But we're already taking our preparations to head out to Barcelona in 2021. First, let's take you back to February 11th-14th.

CollaborISE in a nutshell

Touchscreen collaboration is not about IF anymore, it's about WHEN. We can't deny the transformation in collaboration. Work is changing and so are our needs. In Hall 11, booth B150 we've let you experience the modern workplace.

  • From working in large teams from one location to working in small teams from more (remote) locations
  • From dedicated On-Premises Communication Solutions to Cloud-based multimodal communication platforms
  • From fixed cubicles, conference rooms and under-utilised recources to modern, open, versatile engaging spaces and huddle rooms

Better get started. So let's take you on a journey through the modern workplace at ISE 2020:

CTOUCH wins the AV News Editors Choice Award

We've started off the week with a bang. We've won the Editors Choice Award at the AV News Award show. We're on a mission to minimise the CO2 footprint and the BRIX family is part of our sustainability mission.

Meet the BRIX family

Easily upgrade with our BRIX family as your organisation grows. Without replacing your entire touchscreen. Just PICK IT, BRIX IT, MIX IT. Our Marketing Manager Joran is happy to tell you more:

Two brand new touchscreens: CTOUCH Riva and CTOUCH Canvas

We've introduced to you our two brand new touchscreens: the CTOUCH Riva and CTOUCH Canvas.

The CTOUCH Riva is an all-in-one touchscreen platform, specifically designed for education and small businesses. This touchscreen can be used as a standalone touchscreen, or simply be upgraded by adding a Essentials, Pro, Teams or Zoom BRIX module. The CTOUCH Riva will be commercially launched in Q2, 2020.

The CTOUCH Canvas is specifically designed for small and medium businesses, and higher education with a business grade security level. This touchscreen can be used in environments which require the highest security standards. Easily upgrade with our BRIX modules such as Essentials, Pro, Teams, Zoom or even Android.
And did you experience our CTOUCHable design? It encourages people to touch the screen and collaborate. Most noticeable is its coloured rubber bezel which grabs attention and triggers first contact with the screen. It feels great right? The CTOUCH Canvas will be commercially launched in Q3, 2020.

How we reduce the CO2 footprint

As you've noticed we don't hold back when it comes to colour. But especially when it comes to green we don't like to cut corners. We go all the way! We do this with our BRIX family and Circularity Passport. With our plan of attack we're more than ready to put the logic in ecological.

We want to thank you all for coming. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but the whole ISE week we felt the love from all of you! And we hope your love for modern collaboration has grown.

See you next year!

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