Excited teacher

Even more functionalities for your touch screen? Best in class with Android 10!

With Android 10, we take the power of touch to the next level!

CTOUCH06 videocall

What are hybrid meetings?

And why should you prepare your offices for them?

The huddle room KF 1273 LR

5 Vorteile von Touch in einer hybriden Arbeitsumgebung

Ein Touchscreen darf mit Sicherheit nicht fehlen!

KF 5207 def

A peek behind the CTOUCHABLE™ design curtain

Rhys, one of the CTOUCHABLE ™ design's masterminds takes the floor

The team standup meeting KF 1374 LR

Scrumming during meetings

Welcome to the world of agile working and scrum

Ctouch whitepaper 7 tips 02

Working together remotely

This is how we stay motivated and engaged

The mobile worker KF 0891 LR

Highlights of May

In case you missed something, we've got news for you!

Vr and ar in class

3 tips for VR and AR in education

Are you and your students ready for the future?

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