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Im Gespräch mit: Susan Mertens

Why did you choose to work at CTOUCH?

Ever since I first met CTOUCH, I have been a fan of the company. The office is modern, cosy and cool at the same time. The positive energy and great vibe can be felt immediately. CTOUCH is ambitious, and the dynamics that go with it ensure that there’s always something going on! Everyone is equally welcoming and approachable. The joint lunches, sports and drinks assure you that you get to know everyone in a fun way. You quickly feel at home. No day is the same, and there’s always time for some jokes and laughter. And, not to forget, CTOUCH of course also makes fantastic products. It makes you want to talk to others about it and make them enthusiastic as well!

A day in the life of a recruiter & HR assistant... What does it look like?

At the HR department here, no day is the same. But that's why my job is so much fun! We are growing, so a large part of my time is spent writing vacancies and recruiting and selecting new colleagues. In addition, I am involved in drawing up contracts, making onboarding and introduction programmes, managing personnel files and optimising HR processes. I am also the point of contact for all employees in case of questions/problems. And I help organise various social activities.

Pooh, she does not have to be bored! 🤯

What are you looking forward to the most? And what do you think could be a challenge? *We like honesty 😉

One of the main challenges I see in the HR field is finding fun and qualified colleagues. Right now, good staff is very scarce. An even bigger challenge is to bind them to the organisation as quickly and as well as possible. And to keep them for the long term, of course. And I am not just talking about offering good terms of employment. But, also about a good onboarding. A good training programme. And complicity from colleagues and management and so on. One advantage about me; I like a challenge and am not easily put off!

OK, Susan, what else should we know about you? How do you like to spend your free time?

I am a social butterfly. I like to do fun things. I love delicious food (and eating a lot of it) and to have a drink now and then. A real bon vivant. And to be able to do all this, I work out a couple of times a week. Since I joined the company, I have also become a fanatic at the CTOUCH-gym. I really enjoy doing sports with my colleagues! But... I am an open book, so if you want to know more about me, just ask! 😊


Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach besseren Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit. Mit dem Ziel, noch bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen.


Wir gehen jeden Tag mit Tatkraft, Begeisterung und Optimismus an.


Die Menschen, mit denen wir zusammenarbeiten, sind unverzichtbar. Für ein Lächeln tun wir alles.

own it.

Wir setzen alles daran, um die Dinge gut und richtig zu machen. Und mit Erfolg. Wir unterstützen uns untereinander und alle, die uns wichtig sind.