Jessica van Kooten
Neuigkeiten 30-06-2021

You can take this Inside Sales Expert out of Germany, but you can't take Germany out of her

When you call CTOUCH, you often first have the pleasure of talking to our Support Department or Inside Sales Experts. Of course, they are prepared for the fact that one day the phone is red-hot more than another. In this case, our Inside Sales people do not lose any sleep over a few calls more or less. They are always ready, no matter what question comes in from our dealers or touchscreen users. They also take the time to advise you on touchscreen solutions that suit your meeting room or classroom, both by phone and in our showroom. There is always plenty of energy, including moments with a lot of laughter. 😉

Now that we'regrowing in Germany, we're all - especially our German Inside Sales Expert Caroline - very happy with extra reinforcement. So, not only has our Inside Sales department become busier with our new addition of fish (which don't have names yet, so ideas are still welcome), but we also now have Jessica van Kooten onboard. We notice that she's already starting to feel at home just like the fish do when she's talking to our German customers.

Jessica is feeling at home already just like the fish do now joining team Inside Sales

With quite a bit of commercial experience under her belt, Jessica was ready for the next step. Then the world of touchscreens came her way and since early June she has joined the Inside Sales team. She's 26 years old and is originally from Hannover, Germany. Jessica has lived in the Netherlands for six years and even though her husband always says: you can take the girl out of Germany, but not Germany out of the girl, she already feels very much at home in the Netherlands. That picture made it even more complete for her since she's a mother of her 9-month-old daughter Josephine. Whether it's motherhood or her job, Jessica really enjoys both with just as much passion!

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

Through my years of experience in the hospitality industry, I have already been able to build up some commercial experience. This, together with my German language skills, could be a good basis for this new challenge. After my job interview, it soon became clear to me: this is where I want to work, develop myself and support the Sales Team.

My expectations were definitely exceeded after my first weeks at CTOUCH. A nice Dutch and German Sales Team, a lot of fun colleagues within the company and a great atmosphere. People in here work with passion and pleasure and I'm glad that I took this step. (In the vacancy, they also promised chocolate if I became their new colleague. Of course, this has also influenced my decision positively 😝)

What will your average days be like?

Not one day is the same at CTOUCH. That's what I like about it and it's difficult to describe an average day at CTOUCH. But broadly speaking, the day often starts with a nice cup of coffee, some catching up with colleagues and then getting down to work on my e-mails. As my focus is on the German customers, I immediately get to work processing e-mails and orders. In doing so, I speak to German customers and German colleagues and support them where necessary. That makes me very happy. I think it's important, especially in the beginning, to build up a good relationship with our German customers. That's why I make time to introduce myself by e-mail or telephone and have a little small talk. That way, I get to know the customer's needs and how they are put together. This will certainly help in the sale as well.

What are the most fun/interesting talks you've had with customers and why?

It's always inspiring to find out what the customer needs and to assist them and find a solution that suits them best. The German customers are very happy with the fact that I speak fluent German. They soon ask why I speak German so well. This is how you get into conversation with your customers, also about other things than just business. You quickly build up a relationship with your customers. What more could you ask for?!😃

What are you most looking forward to and what do you think could be a challenge? *We like honesty😉

I'm most looking forward to becoming an important link between Germany and the Netherlands. I'm incredibly happy that I can finally do something with my German language. Since I do come from the hospitality industry and don't have much experience in sales, this switch is definitely going to be a challenge. But I always say: Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg (Where there is a will, there's a way). So what I don't know yet I can still learn and I'm convinced that this will certainly work out well.

What else should we know about you besides you secretly being a sales tiger?

Besides work, I'm mainly occupied with my daughter Josephine. She is 9 months old. Even though I love to work, I also enjoy motherhood with love and passion. When the little one goes to bed in the evening I like to meet up with friends. I love game nights or sitting in the garden with a drink. When Covid allows it, I also like to go to festivals. I love dancing and music.

During the holidays I like to take the caravan with my family. I enjoy relaxing and do nothing for a while. Since I also have family and friends in Germany around Hanover, I visit them as often as possible. You can also wake me up for dinner, walks in the woods or sitting on a terrace. "Man lebt nur einmal" (you only live once) is my vision in life. Enjoy, and just don't take life too seriously 😊.

Curious to know more about Jessica and what she has to tell you about the application of touchscreens in companies and schools?

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