Etienne van Bavel
Neuigkeiten 06-05-2021

This Proposition Manager knows how to surprise you in the field of audiovisual technologies

From home or in the office, our P&I team is on full steam ahead. They won't settle for anything less than exceptional products. You've probably seen them before, the CTOUCH Canvas, Riva and BRIX solutions. Now more than ever, these touchscreens and solutions play a major role in classrooms and the office. The fact that digitisation is growing by the day contributes greatly to this.

Interactive collaboration with the latest technologies is therefore increasingly becoming the norm. And then you want to be surprised, right? Leave that up to the heart and brains of CTOUCH; our Product & Innovation team. And to get the maximum and even more out of these technologies, an extra pair of eyes and ears has been added to this team. Our new Proposition Manager, Etienne van Bavel, is always on the lookout. And internally and on the client side he has a keen eye for improvements of our products.

A personal 'touch' and the passion for AV is a win-win for Etienne

On April 12th, Etienne joined us in the role of Proposition Manager. He is 34 years old and lives in Breda together with his girlfriend Nienke and two dogs. But they are not ruling out moving to the area of Eindhoven one day. With a background in IT Management, Etienne quickly developed his passion for AV during his career. This was already evident when he regularly worked with CTOUCH at his previous employer. His critical view on AV technologies was one of the reasons why CTOUCH and Etienne have now joined forces. Curious about Etienne's vision on touchscreens and what his average days will be like? Read the interview below!

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

During my previous job, I learned a lot about myself and what I was looking for in my work. I collaborated a lot with CTOUCH back then and always enjoyed the contact. Pre-COVID I was there for business appointments several times. The first time I visited, I was suddenly reminded of a conversation I once had with a former team leader. He had once said to me "one day you step into a place and you know, this is where you want to work". I never understood this feeling until I visited CTOUCH. The trust people have in each other, the involvement of the people, the will to improve, the personal touch. All this made me decide very early on: yes, I would work here! And now I can😊.

What will your average days be like?

A combination of a lot of things, but especially talking internally and externally about our products. How to improve our products, how to apply them, but also gathering information for possible new products.

What are you looking forward to the most and maybe even the least? *We like honesty😉

Let's talk about the least fun part first: in retrospect, learning from "mistakes" we've made. This is related to what I look forward to the most; the conversation about how we can do things better, where we can improve our products, or what we need to add for our products. Above all, the collaboration with everyone, from the end customer to the dealer, to achieve a better product.

How do you see CTOUCH's products in - let's say - 10 years?

Gee, that's a tricky question! I wish I had a crystal ball... The market will be more IT-driven (we can already see this trend). Devices will be safer than ever and security will be of unprecedented importance. I expect screens to become more "personal". No longer those large (perhaps a bit too intense) surfaces in the meeting room or classroom. Instead, I expect them to become part of an ecosystem and contribute to more than just teaching or that one meeting.

What else should we know about you besides your keen eye for touchscreen developments?

I like to spend a lot of time training our dogs. My girlfriend and I also seize every opportunity to take our four-legged friends for a nice walk. Preferably on the beach. I also like photography and since the whole pandemic I have developed an interest in low and slow grilling. As long as it isn't raining the BBQ can be used, right?😉

As a CTOUCH dealer or end customer, you probably get to meet Etienne regularly. But in the meantime, would you like to know more about him or are you eager to share your own vision on interactive collaboration?

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