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Blog 04-07-2019

Effective remote collaboration: is that possible?

Do you find yourself working less and less at your workplace? Are you working more often from home, at a flex desk or at an external location?

Working is becoming increasingly more mobile and flexible; and that is a great development! You save travel costs and do not waste time in traffic jams. Research also shows that people who work location-independent become more productive and creative. Did you know that?

New way of working together

Working remotely also changes the way we work with colleagues. We often work in multidisciplinary teams, using methods such as Agile or Scrum. This means that we have less person-to-person contact, so we are looking for other ways to get together. Because in order to successfully realize projects, regular meetings remain necessary. If you work with a remote team, dynamic videoconferencing is the key to success.

Three golden tips for effective remote meetings

  1. Use one platform for calling, meeting, video and sharing such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Keeping all communications in one ecosystem ensures nothing is lost and people know where to go to find what they need. This saves time which used to be spent on searching through countless communication systems for one document or message. And this saved time = more effective meetings.
  2. Ensure a secure single sign-on login procedure. This means that you only need to log in once to gain access to all the applications you need, so you can start your meeting immediately. This also provides the perfect combination of security and easy access.
  3. Ensure that image and sound are perfect so that a video conference experience is optimal. You should be able to see and hear what your colleagues have to say.

At a distance, yet close

We apply these golden tips using the interactive touchscreens from CTOUCH. These large format touchscreens are ideal for creating engaging, effective and easy remote collaboration and team meetings. The screens work with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams and both image and sound quality is excellent. All participants can connect their laptop or tablet and share documents wirelessly and online. Lastly, you can annotate on the screen, and changes to documents are implemented immediately.

Leading by example

In our office we work with teams from Germany, UK, Denmark and sometimes even as far as China. These video conference meetings are an essential part of our own way of working. From drawing out sketches for interfaces with our French team, to discussing the new product line with our team in China. The great thing we notice is that this way of communicating brings a certain human aspect to meetings at a distance. This honestly makes our meetings more engaging, productive and more fun every day!

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