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Neuigkeiten 06-12-2017

Did you explore the partner portal already?

Innovation and sharing of knowledge are part of our DNA. Not only for our end users, but also for YOU, our trusted partner! Therefore we’ve created the CTOUCH partner portal where you can easily access information that is relevant to you. It gives you insight in orders, invoices, leads and who to contact within our team.

Your personal portal brings you lots of convenience!
Depending on your role, you’ll see the following:

  • HOME – Your personal dashboard
    Quick overview of the functionalities you have access to, your account manager & the latest CTOUCH news.
    Shows the availabilty of the products in stock.
    Download the latest firmware, RS232 updates etc. FTP Clients or Excel files are no longer needed.
    Download the latest pricelist.
    In the partner portal you can see the leads that are assigned to you by your CTOUCH account manager. When you click on a lead you can see more detailed information. You can add your comments and share the results when the lead turns into a customer.
    Shows an overview of all your invoices and orders. Click a specific item to view the details.

The partner portal is the ideal platform for sharing knowledge. In the near future we will expand the partner portal with more functionalities, based on YOUR feedback.
Amongst other things you can expect: An up-to-date order status overview and all kind of marketing materials for your use: movies, images brochures etc..

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