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As export specialist this Supply Chain Manager knows the ins and outs of goods flows

There is a lot involved in Supply Chain Management. Our Martin from Procurement can tell you all about it. Various suppliers we work with. Managing deliveries. Time differences we may have to deal with in our communication. All that and more to ensure that we can deliver our touchscreens optimally to your front door.

Challenges like a Suez Canal blockage are therefore sometimes popping up around the corner😉. But with one of our values, such as 'working smarter together', in the back of our minds, we constantly think in solutions. Someone who is fortunately also a star in being solution-oriented when it comes to goods and information flows is Sunny Su. This Supply Chain Manager is more than determined to ensure a sustainable chain reaction of optimal deliveries.

How Sunny eagerly embraces a sustainable supply chain

On May 26th, Sunny Su was more than ready to seize the opportunity of improving our supply chain. Sunny, whose official Chinese name is Xuemei, was born in China. Her name means "blossom in the snow", which stands for strong, elegant and proud. With export, procurement, account management and logistics experience under her belt, Sunny can't wait to flourish in bringing even more value to our dealers and customers.
Living together with her husband and three teenagers in picturesque Klundert (a fortified town in the North-Western part of Brabant), Sunny also enjoys being busy in her private life. From coaching to translating several books, nothing is too crazy for this visionary and go-getter.

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

I was simply touched by the touch of CTOUCH. I like working in a team where everyone works together on a vision and no one is afraid to share his/her own idea and opinion. The open culture and interaction appeal to me.

My task is to professionalise supply chain management. The goal is to translate our vision into the supply chain and to deliver even more added value to our dealers and customers. Together with our colleagues, we will achieve this. That is why I have chosen this job at CTOUCH.

What will your average days be like?

I'm responsible for the internal and external supply chain management. Normally I contact suppliers in the morning because of the time difference. I also talk to the colleagues who manage the orders, or the colleagues from other departments such as sales, product & innovation and the financial administration about the stock and forecast, among other things. I'm also involved in various project groups, like the project about sustainability. CTOUCH wants to reduce the emissions in the supply chain within 5 years. The goal is to reduce emissions with 25%. We want our products to be produced in a socially responsible way. So this is definitely a worthwhile challenge!

What caught your attention during your first weeks CTOUCH?

In my first weeks at CTOUCH, I was introduced to various colleagues. What I noticed was that everyone is very happy and very positive about working at CTOUCH. I immediately felt at home here.

What are you looking forward to the most and maybe even the least? *We like honesty😉

I'm looking forward to the success of CTOUCH that I am a part of. The challenge we face now is universal: delivery reliability due to the shortage of ICs and other materials. But thanks to the strong cooperation with our suppliers, we're confident that we can meet the challenge.

For the long term, I would like to optimise the entire supply chain, both internally and externally. Our goal is to be able to fulfil customer needs even more efficiently. For this, we need not only the flow of goods but also a transparent and effective flow of information. The challenge is to design and implement a process so that supply chain information is up-to-date and clear.

What else should we know about you besides you being perfectly comfortable in your role as a connector?

I grew up in China and learned the Dutch language when I was 26. Sometimes I don't sound quite Dutch or I make "a crooked sentence" according to my husband. In that case, just ask me what I exactly mean.

Besides my work, I'm also a certified co-active coach. I'm interested in personal and organisational development and read many books about this. I've also translated two books from English to Chinese. I always enjoy learning and sharing knowledge. In my spare time, I also listen to a lot of music or read, go for walks and meet up with friends. I enjoy nature to the fullest, but I also love culture.

Are you curious to know more about Sunny and what, for example, what her exact plans are for a sustainable supply chain? (After all, she is always open to sharing knowledge).

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