CTOUCH @Summa College

Summa Board consists of 22 schools for secondary vocational education. This industry-focused schools provide more than 250 professional courses in different learning paths and at different levels. The AV equipment in the class rooms initially consisted of interactive projectors in combination with white boards.

Three years ago Mansveld proposed replacing the old equipment for touch screens. Mansveld recommended CTOUCH because of the quality, service level, product innovation and the good price / presentation ratio.

The experience was so positive that the Summa College chose the CTOUCH displays as their standard.

In recent years, Mansveld installed nearly 100 CTOUCH set-ups in different configurations. Most of them are electrically adjustable in height.

The Summa College is enthusiastic and pleased about the new equipment and about the service of their supplier. This resulted in a new challenge for Mansveld: Furnish another 500 classrooms!

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