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With over 20 years of experience, this Inside Sales Account Manager UK will be pleased to introduce you to AV

When you call CTOUCH, you often first have the pleasure of talking to our Support Department or Inside Sales Experts. Of course, they are prepared for the fact that one day the phone is red-hot more than another. In this case, our Inside Sales people do not lose any sleep over a few calls more or less. Not even in the UK. They are always ready, no matter what question comes in from our dealers or touchscreen users.

Our men in the UK have all accumulated quite a bit of AV experience. So when you join this team you find yourself in a warm bath. When our new recruit James Osborne heard that there were some familiar faces among them, he didn't have to think twice about joining as Inside Sales Account Manager UK.

A little secret from us: soon we will be announcing more UK touchcreen specialists besides James.

How James plunged into the warm bath of team UK

CTOUCH UK already consists of Gregg, Huw and Daniel. There is certainly no lack of fun with these three, but they could definitely use some extra hands as the touchscreen market is booming. Luckily, James Osborne was there to join the team on July 12th. With 20 years of AV experience, it's safe to say he's as much a touchscreen fan as the rest of the bunch. And having previously worked for a CTOUCH distributor, James also quickly knew that CTOUCH would be the perfect match for him.

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

I worked for one of the first CTOUCH distributors in the UK and always admired the way CTOUCH supported our sales teams. When the opportunity came up and when I found out a few of my ex-colleagues had already joined CTOUCH it just seems the perfect fit.

What will your average days be like?

I look after all aspects of the CTOUCK UK business so each day varies. However, I'm busy from 8am all to way to 6pm. Team calls, phone calls, emails, it is non-stop and that makes the day go very fast..

What are the most fun/interesting talks you've had with customers and why?

CTOUCH customers are general knowledgeable about the products so they normally know the answers to questions about the product before I do. However, one customer asked to confirm the size of a 65" screen I said to him the clue was in the name of the screen 65" RIVA at which point he realised what he had asked and just said he was having a really bad day.

What are you most looking forward to and what do you think could be a challenge? *We like honesty😉

I'm looking forward to working with the CTOUCH team and managing the UK business effectively. I do like the fact that if there is an issue it is addressed quickly. The challenge now is to grow the CTOUCH brand within the UK and make sure to continue this growth.

What else should we know about you besides you feeling perfectly comfortable within the AV world?

I have two children and I have recently become a grandfather to three children, all of whom are under four years of age. I have recently moved from London to the countryside, so I am getting used to cows, sheep, horses etc. Confession is good for the soul and now that I've been living as a vegan for four years I have a piece of land where I grow my own produce (vegetables, pulses, fruit). It might not surprise you that I love to get my hands dirty. It's very therapeutic.
By the way, I also speak French. And I enjoy giving motivational speeches two or three times a week for an organisation that helps people who have had changes in their lives due to unforeseen illnesses. A nice balance of private and work life with a lot of satisfaction.

In the meantime, are you curious about James' motivation why touchscreens make school or office life a lot more fun?

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