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Neuigkeiten 16-12-2019

Wireless sharing like a PRO

The BRIX family continues expanding. Soon after the Leddura 2Share Essentials we now launch the big bro.

We present to you: the Leddura 2Share Pro! The next level wireless sharing. Advanced whiteboarding. Digital sticky notes. Text recognition. An integrated web browser and more to make meetings matter again.

Et Voila! Ready to start sharing
App or web-based. Share your documents with any device. Without installing any software you've got your presentation up and running. With a secure 8-digit access code you unlock the magic of Voila. And Barco Clickshare users, we've got you covered with full integration.

Sticky notes and advanced whiteboarding
Not just any kind of whiteboarding. Write and annotate limitless on the touchscreen. Advanced whiteboard features allow you to place digital sticky notes. And no magnificent handwriting necessary. Text recognition will have your back.

Book your meeting room and the floor is yours
Got a training, workshop or other meeting in store for a specific day and time? Just walk up to the touchscreen to check the room availability. Book your room through Microsoft Exchange. Invite everyone who should not miss your killer meeting and you're ready to go for collaborating.

Meet both of the two BRIX family members at the ISE 2020.

Start 2020 with this resolution:

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