Blog 23-03-2021

Who's ready to play bingo?

Meetings. Online. By now, we don't know any better and we don't do anything else. Working from home has become the new normal and so are online meetings. On average, everyone has at least 10 meetings a week. And some meetings seem to last FOR EVER. Yes, working from home is really not for everyone. We all struggle with working from home. But let's not forget that working from home also has some advantages. Because let's face it, working from home at your own desk with your favourite music playing in the background isn't bad either 😉 And those pyjamas with that crazy pattern are just a bit more comfortable than your work outfit.

Unfortunately, that doesn't change anything about online meetings. And to many people's disappointment, we all have to deal with it for a little while longer. But we're here to help you tackle those dull, never-ending meetings. A Microsoft Teams bingo for online meetings! Have some fun with your team again during remote meetings. "Sorry everyone, my previous meeting took longer than I expected, I couldn't find the link and I thought this meeting would only start in half an hour!", we hear that every week. Or colleagues with neighbours who are renovating? And of course that one colleague who still doesn't know how everything works. We all know a few.

Check out our bingo card for online meetings below. Who’s the first one to scream bingo? 😏

I'm ready to play bingo!

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