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TU Delft and CTOUCH partner up again

CTOUCH and TU Delft are continuing their partnership.

CTOUCH and the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands are continuing their partnership.
For over 3 and a half years CTOUCH has had a constructive partnership with this university in order to transform technological ideas and innovations into practical – added value – applications.

The master students at UXAD – Usability and user experience assessment in design – of the faculty of industrial design engineering, will study the possibilities of Leddura 2Meet.

Divided in three groups the students will analyze the product and how people currently interact with the Leddura 2Meet. After this thorough investigation they will come up with a list of improvements that will enable CTOUCH to further improve their product range.

The project runs from February until the end of June 2018. With 16 students and almost 4000 hours’ of work ahead these enthusiastic young adults will create new user interface concepts and evaluate these with users. After choosing the UI redesign the students will prototype it. The prototype will be tested and eventually finalized with empirical conclusions, recommendations and overall project results.

We as CTOUCH strongly believe everyone should experience the positive interactive sharing of knowledge. this project brings us a bit further into the successful pursuit of this vision.

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