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This Product Marketing Specialist fully embraces product content with a lasting smile

Dedicated to getting our message across. Sometimes in a surprising way. Usually with a big smile. And always honest and clear. That is team Marketing in a nutshell. The team is involved in everything that has to do with our image to the outside world. From the website, product information, videos, whitepapers, blogs, social media, online marketing, marketing funnels for lead generation to promotional gifts and events. And that's not all.

To give our products just that little extra push, product marketing is also a must. For that, you need a specialist who can really go for it when it comes to creating product messages. Preferably in a creative way and he or she is not averse to some touchscreen magic. Then Marco van Genechten is the right man for you! Well, for us😇

Marco's view at touch and his role within team Marketing

After working for 8 years for a manufacturer in information technology and entertainment electronics, Marco wanted to fully immerse himself in the world of touch displays. Devising marketing messages that ensure a lasting smile, day in and day out, was just what he wanted. And being from Eindhoven, CTOUCH was no stranger to Marco. Since August, we are therefore pleased that he has secured a spot at the creative desk of CTOUCH. Bring on the silly jokes, because Marco loves them😁 Who knows, they might even come in handy in our branding.

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

The great thing was that I already knew two people at CTOUCH and they only had positive stories about the organisation and the working atmosphere, which of course appealed to me very much! Add to that the fact that I already had several years of experience in this industry and we had a winning combination. After my first month, I can already say that all the stories I heard were true😊

What will your average days be like?

I don't think the word 'average' applies at CTOUCH anyway. Every day there will be 3 black cups of coffee in the morning, a pleasant lunch with colleagues and at least 3 silly jokes, but apart from that it's completely open-ended. One day there will be a brainstorming session with P&I, then the shooting of a video, and then the writing of a complete product page. The diversity is therefore something that really appeals to me and lies in this job!

What makes you an absolute touchscreen fanatic?

Touch makes everything so much easier and faster. Education has, of course, been improved by touch for years. But for the business market, too, there is a huge added value. On the one hand, of course, by collaborating in video conferences, but also for brainstorming and project management. A touchscreen offers so many advantages to make a meeting run much more smoothly, and therefore faster..

What are you most looking forward to and what do you think could be a challenge? *We like honesty😉

What I'm most looking forward to is setting up complete projects, from A to Z, with all the teams together. We have a very nice group of people, each with their own specialities. And there's nothing more fun than all working together towards the same goal! The challenge lies in tackling people at the right moments. Thanks to COVID, not everyone is at the same location anymore (fortunately, a touchscreen helps with this😇).

What else should we know about you besides that your heart beats faster for product content?

No beer festival in the Eindhoven area is safe for me; I visit them all if I can! I can also be found at concerts and music festivals or at one of the many fun places in the centre of Eindhoven. If I'm at home, I can have a great time playing board games, with a book in the sun on my balcony or I'm (way too) fanatically playing a video game.

Want to know which beer festivals Marco can recommend and how he can turn you into a touchscreen fanatic too?

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