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Neuigkeiten 10-03-2021

This corporate pioneer knows the ropes of the modern workplace than any other

Getting to know CTOUCH from top to bottom during a lockdown wasn't even an issue for Steven Zegelaar. So we're very pleased to have him on our Corporate team. Now we can introduce even more customers to a modern workplace equipped with the latest technologies.

During Corona, digital working has taken off. At home, but especially at the office, companies don't want to stay behind organising their workplaces in a future-proof way. Digital scrumming, video conferencing or secure meetings? Steven, our Corporate Business Development Manager, will help you find your way in the world of interactive collaboration. So, let's introduce you to Steven already:

Born in Eindhoven and always in for showing off his cooking skills

Steven is born in Eindhoven and is a proud fan of football club PSV who has been working at CTOUCH since October 2020. With just having finished their house renovation, he recently moved to Vught with his girlfriend and children. As a bon vivant, he is only too happy to live so close to Den Bosch. This suits him perfectly as a carnival fanatic. And when the occasion arises, Steven can also be found on a terrace or cooking in the kitchen for friends and family. A family man through and through, who is now also part of the CTOUCH family. Read the rest of the interview with Steven below.

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

The first thing that triggered me was that CTOUCH is leading the market. I was immediately excited to learn about the latest touchscreens and BRIX solutions that make meetings not only more fun, but also more productive. And now that I know a lot of ins and outs of CTOUCH, I am bursting with energy to be able to pioneer and to show companies the advantages and magic of touch. CTOUCH feels to me like a big family in which I have influence on all facets, from marketing to product development. And with this organisation you know where you stand because of the clear vision, mission and core values.

How does your average day look like?

Because of the lockdown, I've experienced a special kind of training period. An office that was closed, resellers barely able to visit, BUT....Long live Microsoft Teams! 😉 I make grateful use of this. Fortunately, I'm increasingly able to go to our partners for appointments. I'm most happy when I can get back in the car and brainstorm with our partners and make them enthusiastic about our Canvas and BRIX solutions.

What is the project you're most proud of so far and why?

I'm secretly proud of the first CTOUCH Canvas that I've been able to sell. You don't forget that! We've had a great project at TU/Eindhoven where a professor was looking for state of the art technologies with a cool design. Then, of course, our CTOUCH Canvas was the right match.

How do you like to spend your free time?

We're always looking forward to have friends over every weekend. I really enjoy being a host and a cook at the same time. And even though we are currently busy renovating our garden, when we get the chance we regularly organise a (winter) BBQ. And what series am I currently watching? We're now rewatching Gooische Vrouwen completely...

Who is your favourite colleague? And be honest 😉

Because we form the corporate team for the Benelux market, I'm happy to have Bob Eilander by my side. Bob is very clear in his comunication towards colleagues, resellers and end users. You know what you can expect from him and despite the fact that we live far away from each other, we are a real team. And it is also nice that we can have a good private chat with each other. Something that's important when working in such a small team.

Do you want to know more about our Corporate Business Development Manager or curious how a touchscreen can change your meeting culture?

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