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Blog 04-05-2020

Technology trend gets a boost due to Coronavirus

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace of developments and innovations in the world. The way we work together is changing rapidly. At the beginning of this year we identified four workplace trends you can’t neglect in our free whitepaper. These trends will have major impact on our way of working. Not only today, but also in the future.

#1 Flexibility and remote working will become the norm
#2 New technologies are making the future workplace smart
#3 Take your pick with BYOD
#4 The rise of the millennials

Many companies are already adopting these trends in order to improve work experience and productivity of their employees. And the outcome? Better business results. So, what are you waiting for?

Are you a digital predator or a digital prey?

Let's zoom in on the technology trend which has accelerated due to Coronavirus. It is now even more visible and noticeable how important it is to keep up as a company in this area. Jeremy Myerson, director from Worktech Academy, gives his view on the latest developments.

“One of the key trends that we identified for 2020 was that digital transformation would be the only game in town”, says Jeremy. “You would either be as a company a digital predator or you would end up as a digital prey. Well, how true this has turned out to be in just a couple of months.

Suddenly, companies have been removed from their physical contacts. Their offices, shops and factories have been shut down and they are relying on digital networks and digital collaboration tools. It’s the only way they can keep the organisation together. And companies that have invested and trained their staff in this, are now reaping the benefits. They are the once who would probably going to cope in this crisis a lot better than the companies who have pushed off digital transformation.

And looking further ahead, beyond the next few months, it is digital transformation which will integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), and other augmented technologies that are going to transform the nature of work.

If people didn’t understand how important digital transformation was before the Coronavirus, I bet they understand it now. Digital transformation has been the only game in town and going forward, it has to be the only game in town”.

Is your organisation future-proof?

It is clear that a lot of things changed in the first quarter of this year and a lot will change in the coming months. The sooner you get on board with this new way of working, the sooner you will experience the advantages. CTOUCH helps organisations to build a modern workplace in which their people work more efficient together. We believe that digitisation should have a high priority when (re)designing a workplace. The most successful businesses will have implemented collaboration platforms that don’t just allow workers to communicate from any device, from any location and at any time. These collaboration tools will also provide a positive, interactive experience of knowledge sharing that enhances the conversation.

That’s why we want to support you in preparing your workplace for the future of tomorrow. Or in every setting where you want or need to encourage collaboration. Wondering how we can make your organisation future-proof? Feel free to contact one of our specialists or download the whitepaper below.

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