Neuigkeiten 19-03-2020

Statement on the COVID-19 outbreak

The world is experiencing a global pandemic, affecting not only our business, but more importantly our families, friends and everyone close to us. The health and safety of our people and their families have our highest priority. Whilst our business is still open and fully capable of serving our trusted partners and customers, most of our team members are doing that from their homes. Our teams are flexible and filled with creative minds, resulting in great initiatives to collaborate closely with each other, even when we cannot talk to everyone face-to-face, in the way that we are used to.

What we are still doing
We have plenty of supply and we continue to design, manufacture and ship products from our factories to our warehouses. And of course from our warehouses to our partners and end-users, every day. All with due safety measures and protocols in place.

What we are still doing, but different
One of our company values is ‘We are Personal’. That doesn’t change and it never will. We stay in close contact with our partners, resellers and end-users. But in a different way. As a Microsoft partner, we are using Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams to host videocalls and share ideas. We use this now more often than ever before. And the great thing is that we’re able to help and advise you with this as well! Even better.

For the rest nothing changes in terms of staying in touch with you. If you can’t reach your CTOUCH contact person as you were used to, it either means he or she is a the toilet or your phone subscription has expired.

What we do change, for the time being
We closely follow the advise that is being given by local authorities. That means we no longer travel to risk areas to mitigate risk and we postpone live product demonstrations at our office in Eindhoven until further notice.

We’re here for you
We will be ready to visit you and meet you in person from the moment that the authorities and our customers give us a GO again. You can be sure of that.

Until then, don’t hesitate to connect with our sales team, our marketing team, our service & support teams, our HR advisors, product development team or finance team, at any regular working day – as you were used to.

Stay safe and take care of each other!

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