Caner Simsek LR
Neuigkeiten 12-11-2019

Say HI to our Field Service Engineer

Caner Simsek, our Field Service Engineer, is part of the CTOUCH family for a couple of months already. He’s 26 years young and he has quite the experience. Before entering the CTOUCH gates he’s been active in retail for seven years. Within retail Caner tasted different cups of tea. He has worked as a Sales man, technical service agent and shop manager. But there were always two cups of tea that were Caner’s favourite: IT and Technique.
With a passion for IT and Technique Caner came to the right place: CTOUCH. So, since the 1st of August 2019 we gladly utilise his technical skills☺

When you’re familiar with us you know nothing is ordinary at CTOUCH. Well, at least there are no ordinary days. That’s for sure. The eventful days with changing activities is what triggers the enthusiasm in Caner. Some days he’s on the road together with our Field Service Engineers. Driving around in our Maverick CTOUCH vans (you know those vans with the popping orange slogans “No more nose picking” and “No more bullsh*t meetings”) and making CTOUCH users happy by repairing their touchscreens on-site. Other days you’ll find him at the Service department office answering all kinds of service calls. That’s not all. When Caner has time for developing and programming new tools he’s totally on his game. Currently Caner and Dennis, his Service Engineer partner in crime, are putting the finishing touch to a user friendly firmware tool. It allows you to download all the firmware and all technical information about your very own CTOUCH touchscreen. Your touchscreen is up to date within seconds. Stay tuned for more news about our new tool.

When Caner is not busy with programming, he’s watching his favourite movies and series. He might give you the advice which ones to binge-watch. Other than that he’s in his gaming mood or doing sports in his free time.

Got a technical question concerning your CTOUCH touchscreen? No challenge is too great for Caner. You know where to find him ☺

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