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Remote working: opportunity or threat?

Remote working: opportunity or threat?
More and more people work remotely and are not depending on specific locations. They are working from home, from their office, from a public workspace or even from abroad. It is just what works best for you. Remote working is a trend and why not? Innovative technologies enable remote working and therefore effective collaboration.

The benefits of remote working

  • Flexibility and independency make people happy. Working at other locations besides the office also contributes to this effect. It is important to have happy employees. This not only influences the results of your organisation, but also your own image as an employer
  • Your employees will not have to deal with travel time anymore. It will save travel costs, time and frustrations
  • Working remotely, in another environment encourages more inspiration and creativity
  • Your employees can structure their own time schedule. They become more flexible and absenteeism will be reduced. Do you have to pick up your child early from school? That is not a problem at all: your employee can work longer in the evening if necessary
  • The possibility to work remotely is a good secondary benefit. It will make you as an organisation even more appealing to work for.

Working remotely with touchscreens has never been that easy
Working remotely has plenty of benefits, but collaborating effectively with your colleagues remains indispensable. With the appropriate technology remote working will be very easy. The 2Meet touchscreens seamlessly support you in this. With this touchscreen you can add multiple people to your conference calls and all participants can connect their own laptop or tablet. In an instant they can share their content. Screen- and sound quality is excellent. Consequently, collaboration is easily accessible and more interactive in any meeting room. Everything you need for an effective meeting comes together.

Are you interested to find out how touchscreens can add value for your organisation? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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