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Neuigkeiten 05-02-2020

Our two new members complete the innovation machine

The heart and brains of CTOUCH, our Product & Innovation team, has two new members. So even more products and innovations are on their way. Already, our BRIX family was born in 2019 and the guys from P&I are working courageously on all the current and new BRIXes. Also stay tuned for other new technologies that support the modern meeting- and classroom.

Meet Hans
Hans Crijns, a true Bosschenaar, is one of the new members of the Product & Innovation team. In January we welcomed him as our Product Owner. Before, Hans had a small electronics design company called “CloudSensor” and was in action as an Application Engineer for the well-known big guy, ASML. Afterwards he joined Genexis as a Product Manager and Team Lead Innovation. He was involved in working on new technologies and developing fiber-optic modem products. In January, Hans was jumping up and down to finally get started at CTOUCH☺.

Thought that Forrest Gump would outrun you? Then you haven’t met Hans yet. In his spare time he’s busy doing Crossfit a couple of times a week. Even his wife and two daughters are in top shape as they all together like to participate in obstacle courses. Spending their time in theme parks and going on holidays is something they also love to do on a regular basis.

Meet Bram
Bram Naus is our other new P&I team member. Same as Hans, he also started in January at CTOUCH. He probably is one of our colleagues with the shortest commute. He lives only a whopping six-minute walk from our office at Strijp-T. Some people might get jealous now who spend their time in traffic jams.

As a Proposition Developer, Bram is in charge of market driven concept and product development. His background in Industrial Design and experience as freelance one-stop-shop for prototype development is something we will definitely and happily benefit from.

Besides product innovation, Bram enjoys reading, good food (especially preparing this with his very own personalized cook’s knife), music and spending time outdoors. Spending time outdoors is a broad concept. But that is exactly what applies to Bram since he’s always in for traveling with his girlfriend and friends. From snowboarding to hiking in the nature or relaxing in Mediterranean regions.

Finally we want to welcome Hans and Bram! Together with Anthony, Willem Jan, Ralph, Peter and Rhys the P&I is fully ready to rumble as the touchscreen innovation machine. Curious what’s coming up? Then meet the team at the ISE Show.

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