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May we introduce to you…Paulo Nunesdea

Paulo Nunesdea is Regional Sales Manager Iberia & Latin America.

Paulo lives in Spain close to Madrid in Villafranca del Castillo, a surrounding neighborhood 30 km from the city center. He is fortunate to be able to live close to a natural reserve (Guadarrama) where he enjoys long walks in nature.

In 1997, he co-founded groupVision in Portugal and later in Spain, a specialized company in GDSS (group decision support systems). From scratch to more than fifty percent share he has made the Iberian Peninsula the 4th largest interactive whiteboard market in 2010. He has started the Iberian Summits of Healthcare Leaders in Spain and the Hospital of the Future Forum in Portugal. As a group facilitator, he has designed interventions to optimize group collaboration in innovation and change with regional and national governments.

Paulo was hired to do in CTOUCH almost the same things that he did in his previous job with a very important advantage he can now focus on doing the one thing he likes the most – to forge new partnerships. Instead of working only in Spain he is now in charge of a much wider territory and has to meet people from different places and business cultures. He finds it quite challenging and at the same time, exciting.

“My goal is to contribute the overall goal of CTOUCH and I expect that my region will represent a significant part of the business revenue.

This is a bit challenging because in most cases EMEA as a whole can represent up to one-third of the global sales of a large company. In my case, I only have a smaller part of that region.

My bet is that the Latin American countries finally find the right conditions for their social-economic growth, and will be investing in education and in having more productive companies. I believe this is going to happen. Latin America can surprise everyone in terms of contributing to the world’s economy.”

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