Neuigkeiten 05-02-2018

CTOUCH announces the Laser Nova

The education touchscreen that turns learning into fun

Maximum ease of use and futureproof interactive technology

Eindhoven, 24 January 2018–CTOUCH Europe has announced the Laser Nova, the new versatile interactive touchscreen designed for maximum ease of use and fun in classroom collaboration. The CTOUCH newest interactive touch screen is specifically designed to stimulate the development of the 21st century skills in education. It focuses on facilitating a high-quality interaction learning environment with engaged and confident students, who are equipped with the right technology and skills required for the ever-changing school and work environment of tomorrow.

“I am very proud that we have taken our 10 years successful legacy in education interactive touch displays, once again to the next level. What sets Laser Nova apart is the focus on turning classroom learning and knowledge sharing into fun. Everything in the product proposition is tuned around this: from the unique Harman Kardon JBL sound and Sonique Voice Logic voice recognition technology to the sharing of content with any device in the Connected classroom of the future. Everything is aimed at enabling increased student and teacher participation”, says Remmelt van der Woude, CTOUCH CEO.

Suitable for the Connected Classroom, as part of the 21st century skills development, the new touchscreen is a natural fit for the demanding BYOD environment where tech-savvy students expect to use their own personal device more and more as part of the learning process. Students and teachers can now enjoy maximum ease of use and futureproof interactive technology by wirelessly streaming what’s on their phones, tablets or notebooks.

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