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Blog 28-10-2020

Active learning, how?

Do you remember our blog from a while ago? We told you how you, as a teacher, can turn a boring lecture into a party. No, not with garlands, confetti cannons and music, but with active learning. Forgotten what active learning entails? No problem, we will briefly explain it to you. Do you want to read the blog about active learning again? Then check this link, how to turn a boring lecture into a party.

Active learning, say what?

As we mentioned earlier, active learning is becoming more and more popular. Why? Well, because your students really get to work with active learning. They use their brains. They solve problems (no world problems of course). And they apply the knowledge you have given them. With a little luck, those study results will go up in no time. Sounds good right? But wait, that active learning has to be put into practice. You don't have to start sweating right away. We know what to do.


For teachers like you, it can be hard to ensure interaction and involvement with students. Fortunately, there are more than enough possibilities that assure you that being interactive and involved with your students is not a mission impossible. We have listed a few options for you. This way you can really turn that boring lecture into a party (without the garlands and confetti cannons).

1. Think-Pair-Share

This is a fun and easy method to stimulate students to make connections between the given subjects and material that you have given them. Each student thinks for himself about the topics and the material. After that, the students discuss it in pairs and eventually, they will share it with the entire group.

2. Quiz

To warm up the lecture, you can start with a (group)quiz about the material you covered in the previous lecture. Or about the material you are going to teach (you can immediately see who has prepared well). The student who thinks to know the correct answer writes it on the board.

3. Voting

Do you want to know what your students really think about the topics or the discussed material? Measuring is knowing! Counting the hands of your students may be a bit much, but with voting boxes or so-called feedback tools you know whether your students understand the material (or not, which is also useful).

4. Interactive slides

Do you always use PowerPoint to present the material to your students? Great fun, but that can, of course, be a lot more dynamic! Make the presentation in PowerPoint and show videos or process the quiz in it.

Make active learning even more attractive?

Yes, you can! A CTOUCH touchscreen allows you to involve your students in the lectures. You show the material in a way that you are sure will appeal to your students. With a touchscreen from CTOUCH, you can effortlessly show those beautiful interactive slides. That funny video. Or that one quiz to warm up your students. In any case, you no longer need the garlands or confetti cannons to keep your students awake!

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