Veranstaltungen 23-04-2018

A creative and musical project!

During the 17th edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (Netherlands) you can see with your own eyes how tomorrow’s world is already taking shape. Smart solutions and inventive designs offer new perspectives that look very promising. From 20 to 28 October 2018 the doors to the future will once again be open for nine days in a city that buzzes with innovation and creative energy.

CTOUCH challenged a group of students of game art, animation and development of SintLucas college to come up with a concept where touch and creativity come together. SintLucas is a school that guides creative talents to a bright future in the creative industry.

Last week they proudly presented their first concepts. The enthusiastic group professionally explained what ideas they had an how they came to the best concept. The concept they chose to be the best met all the requirement that were set. It is interactive, creative and it is a rather simple game that will attract visitors to challenge their musicality.

The gaming group created an appealing huge keyboard on the CTOUCH. The visitor who is going to play will feel like a talented DJ by connecting the sound keys and create their own flashing melody! Due to the build-in JBL sound of the CTOUCH touchscreen you will become truly engaged. The concept is not finished yet, they have a few other elements in mind that will make the game even more attractive.

We are excited what they come up with next, and hope to see you all in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week 2018!

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