Blog 25-10-2018

21st-century skills at your fingertips with office 365

Turning your students into tech savvies. Where to start? Digital literacy is being embedded more and more in teaching programs. The goal is to make the gap smaller between education and the outside world. As a teacher, do not be surprised when your student is hacking your presentation and takes the lead. Rather, embrace and challenge him/her back. After all, we know students will need 21st century skills to be futureproof in their careers. With an Office 365 account you are already taking a huge step in your 21st century skills development.

Software and hardware – the winning combination
Both software and hardware stimulate digital literacy within your class room. The current generation grows up with Office 365. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Microsoft Teams or OneNote are contemporary programs. We can use them anywhere and on any device. When your school offers tablets or laptops or students bring their own device, they can easily share their Microsoft Office documents on an interactive touchscreen.

Taking this even a step further, you can captivate your students through Adaptive touch, amazing JBL® Live Stage (Virtual) Surround sound or even automatically-enabled voice recognition. Learning has never been this much fun. Students are even more encouraged to share their work, knowledge and insights. Students do not only inspire each other, but they can even inspire their own teachers. Set your goals and choose your interactive solution to reach these goals.

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