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Blog 23-12-2020

2020 in a nutshell

2020... It has been a very unique year, to say the least. In any case, it is one never to be forgotten. Or, for some, a year to be forgotten as soon as possible. The year in which the word negative was the most positive word ever. Unbelievable and unusual at the same time.

It was, without any doubt, a year full of challenges. What did it mean for us? For CTOUCH? That's why the marketing intern thought it would be a great idea to put the management (3 amazing men) in the spotlight. And give them the floor in this blog. Whether that was a good idea? We don't know for sure. We will see.

What did we think of this year?

According to Remmelt, it was an intensive year, because of the uncertainty. "On one hand, the uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, is this going to work? When will it be over? And that you hope not to be affected as a family."

"You could be pessimistic over the past year," Bernard says. But Bernard is not pessimistic, and neither is he about 2020. "It has also brought us a lot of insights, it has shown how flexible we are.” As Francois puts it: "It has made us stronger!" In what state we get out of our houses and back to the office is another question. Because in your PJ's with slippers to the office? That might not be such a good idea.

But have we learned anything this year?

We have learned to improvise, to communicate more clearly and to work better together. According to Francois, we also learned to be flexible. We've learned to move along with it. "We all started working from home, but we also noticed that coming to the office can be very pleasant. Who would have thought you could miss your colleagues so much," says Bernard with a smile. Well Bernard, of course, you have the most amazing colleagues in the country, don't you? 😉

Describing 2020 in a few words. Is that even possible?

Survival and flexibility, according to Bernard. Remmelt says: "Health above all." And Francois? He couldn't do it in 3 words (it's okay, we forgive you): "No pain, no gain."

What are we proud of?

Despite the misery of 2020, there are indeed things we are proud of. All 3 of them say they are proud of the fantastic organisation we are together. And of the achievements of the past year. For example, our service team, which had a real challenge in visiting schools and companies. It's fantastic how they managed that with good planning and precautions. Or the Product & Innovation team that was able to develop various new products for the business market. How sweet, right? You are also 3 fantastic men, so that's going to be just fine. 🧐

"We know, even when things are not going so well, how to find each other and try to help each other. Why to make it difficult if we can do it together", says Remmelt. And Francois is also proud of the fact that we are always positive. Yes, we certainly are. Often then. To be as positive as Bernard is nearly impossible.

What do we hope for 2021?

"That the old way of working and living, as we know it, will be back soon," says Francois. Above all, Bernard hopes that PSV will become a champion again (keep dreaming, Bernard). All three of them hope that there will be a time for cuddles again and that we will soon be able to do fun things together again.

And as a very wise Bernard says: "It's only a real crisis when we run out of wine."

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