20190619 LAV Fotografie van Hoof C Touch 68
Veranstaltungen 25-06-2019

2 days. 128 speakers. 393 beers. Picture this!

We like to thank all of our partners who joined us at the Level-Up event 2019! We hope you had a great time and that we’ve inspired you with new insights and products along the way. Not only that. Also thank YOU, for inspiring and challenging US with your questions and sharing your knowledge.

Francois, Remmelt, Bernard, Chris, Anthony and the rest of the team look forward to meeting you soon again! We get back now to preparing the launch of new CTOUCH solutions. And… Of course we get the preparations started for the 2020 Partner event.

Meanwhile, we treat you with some Level-Up after joy:

Wait! There's more:

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