Germany announces the end of the chalkboard

Digitization in Germany’s schools: Billions for the end of the chalkboard.

German Education Minister Wanka presented a major program for the expansion of school IT. What is planned – and what is the status of German school when it comes to digitization?

The end of the old chalkboard is approaching for the German schools. Germany is somewhat behind in digital education compared to other international countries. Education minister Johanna Wanka (CDU) therefore announced a billion Euro program – the plan will soon be presented.

What is Wanka planning specifically for the digitalisation of schools?

Minister Wanka plans, all 40 000 schools – that is public and private schools, high schools and schools for vocational education – to help with the digitization. This according to studies of Digtal Pact. Until 2021, the government intends to invest 5 billion, including the broadband connections and wireless access devices such as laptops and tablets. Countries should commit to the realisation of “digital literacy”, educate teachers and develop pedagogical concepts. They should also agree on common technical standards and take care of maintenance and management.

In order to promote this, not individual schools, but municipal or private school teachers should apply with “concepts for the implementation of digital education”. Wanka proposes a two-stage procedure: If you are not successful in a first round, you get a second chance for your “not yet sufficiently established schools”.


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