Cvolution opens its doors!

CTOUCH Experience room

In May CTOUCH welcomed distributors and resellers to take a look in the brand new Cvolution. The Cvolution area is designed to give the visitor a proper CTOUCH experience for inspiration, demonstration or training sessions. It is a very strong tool to explain and show CTOUCH solutions .

“A fantastic, impressive and creative space to inform our prospects and customers all about CTOUCH” as one of the visitors stated.

The sales team Benelux organized four opening sessions. During the sessions the visitors were given an overview of social and work trends and the role of CTOUCH herein. Additional topic was to give insight in the roadmap, CTOUCH collaboration Hub and the newest products.

CVOLUTION days_originalAn international partner event also was part of the Cvolution opening.

“Learn from each other and share best practices to conquer new territories” was the theme. More than 21 participants from over 9 countries joined the CTOUCH event.

Touch Displays

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