CTOUCH delivers 84″ 4K Laser

AND more…!

Last year CTOUCH introduced its high end 84” 4K Leddura xt interactive display.  The Dutch manufacturer is now extending its super-large format range with the affordable 84” 4K Laser model! This new display is equipped with a high specification whilst being very competitively priced at the same time, and delivered with a market leading 7 year warranty.

CTOUCH Laser interactive displays empower users to lead their own learning, driving engagement, participation and creativity in the classroom and meeting room. The multi touch display is designed to support group work, interactive activities and consensus-based decision making, as well as building important 21st Century skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

The newly added 84” 4K display is part of the CTOUCH Laser family. The Laser series is positioned as an entry level display; ideally suited for the classroom and meeting room.   With picture perfect resolution (native 4K), the Ultra HD display can handle up to four times the resolution and pixel density of Full HD.
The Laser 84” UHD model will be available for order from December 2014!

7 Years warranty
The CTOUCH Laser 84” comes with an unbeatable 7 year warranty as standard – a unique proposition in the interactive large format displays market and a huge benefit for end users. ‘The CTOUCH displays have proven their quality, durability and continuously optimal performance’, Guus van Gestel- Product Manager CTOUCH, added. ‘That’s why this is a logical next step’.

Meet the family
The CTOUCH Laser series completes the family of interactive large format touch displays with spectacular design and function for every classroom, meeting room or public display area. ‘The CTOUCH Laser 84″ is developed to add value for the customer and to enhance the already popular Laser line up. CTOUCH offers three display series, the Laser, Leddura and Lexinus , ranging in sizes from 55″ to 84”. This way every need can be fulfilled’, according to Francois Barlinckhoff CEO of CTOUCH.

Enjoy the power of interaction
The multi-touch surface opens the world of touch technology to large audiences increasing engagement, involvement and collaboration. Compatible with Windows8, Mac and Linux platforms, the power of touch is available to everyone using a CTOUCH display. You can start instantly, with no drivers needed and collaborated out of the box.

In addition, all CTOUCH displays are shipped with multi-touch annotation software and BYOD  connection software. Connect mobile devices such as, iPads, Android or Windows tablets or Smartphones wirelessly with the CTOUCH displays.  Annotate, share, meet, explore and connect.

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