Make your meetings
and lessons come alive!

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No more bullsh*t meetings. And no more dull, unproductive lessons! Meet the CTOUCH Riva, a super user-friendly touchscreen that brings the power of touch in any working and learning environment. Easily share your content on the big screen, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and inspire everyone in the room. Make your meetings and lessons come alive!

Easy to use: just one touch & go!

The CTOUCH Riva is designed to be the most intuitive touchscreen we can imagine. How? With the touch of only a single button you have access to all options on the screen, making your life so much easier. Everyone can do the job! It allows you to use your own software (Android, Linux or Windows based), as you are used to. And you can easily connect other devices. You decide what works best for you!

A true natural handwriting experience

Annotate, write and draw like never before with TrueBeam Touch technology. It feels natural and smooth like writing on real paper. Simply use your finger or a pen and write as fast as you can. Use your hand palm for easy erasing without switching tools. Easy, right?

Inspire Greatness… mozaBook

The CTOUCH Riva now ships with market leading Education teaching and learning software, mozaBook, to bring lessons to life

View mozaBook video

State-of-the-art Android technology

The CTOUCH Riva touchscreen is based on Android 8. Use functionalities like split-screen to work on different content. Hide or lock settings, or even lock down the Android source. It’s up to you! With carefully selected apps, you're ready to go, right from the start. In addition, you're free to add any other apps you need via the CTOUCH app store.

Triple S glass: smooth, stripeless & safe

Writing feels very smooth, leaving minimal stains behind.

Sharing is caring

Tell your audience to BYOD (bring your own device). Encourage them to share their work, knowledge and insights on the big screen via EShare. Or push the content from the display to other devices in the room. Knowledge sharing has never been easier. It works with Android, Windows, Mac and Chrome devices. You provide a steady internet connection, we provide the rest.

More about Eshare

Energy efficient & sustainable

We're on a mission to minimize the CO2 footprint of our products. So, all of our touchscreens come with an A/A+ energy label and a circularity passport. The CTOUCH Riva also complies to ISO 9001 & 14001 standards. And that’s not all. With the optional infrared human presence detection module the CTOUCH Riva automatically turns on and off when you enter or leave the room. Saving money and our planet!

More about our sustainable mission Download Riva Circularity Passport​

Amazing sound

Blow your audience away with the integrated 80 W JBL® speakers. Easily reach the back of the room with its powerful Live-stage (virtual) Surround sound. Unlike anything else you've ever experienced before!

Attention to IT support!

The CTOUCH Riva comes with Radix Viso Mobile Device Management (5-year license). This allows you to control all screens from one central point. You will no longer have to update settings, push or delete apps screen by screen. Just keep sitting in your chair and control them from there.

Easily upgrade with CTOUCH BRIX

The CTOUCH Riva is designed with sustainability and modularity in mind. It can be upgraded over time – according to the needs of the users – with CTOUCH BRIX modules. Ready to dive into Microsoft Teams meetings? Want to bring Zoom into your meeting room? This touchscreen provides the platform to make it happen.

Check out the BRIX solutions

Ready for a test ride? You won't regret it. We promise.

Compatibility verified by CTOUCH: Barco ClickShare

Already a Barco ClickShare user? No problem! Our touchscreens are fully compatible with Barco ClickShare. And not just from a software perspective. On the hardware side, we've made sure that you can easily mount a Barco ClickShare. Enjoy all the perks of ClickShare and the ease of working with our touchscreens and BRIX solutions.

Content sharing with TrilbyTV

Touchscreens are not only a perfect tool for interactive lessons. They’re also great for sharing information and showcasing content. Display important messages, time-schedules or fun updates when a screen is not in use with TrilbyTV. With a year-long licence, you can display public information in real time and upload content from any Apple, Microsoft, Android or Google device.

More about digital signage

Unlock all potential with the CTOUCH Academy

Get to know the basics of touchscreen interactivity. Or upgrade your skills and become an advanced user with help of our trainers. Check out our handy online course materials or discover the many options for fun, helpful and in-depth trainings.


    True natural
    handwriting experience


    Smooth, stripeless
    and safe

  • 80 watts
    JBL speakers

    Integrated JBL® Live-Stage (Virtual) Surround Sound

  • Over-the-air

    We'll keep your screen up-to-date. Automatically!

  • Brix

    Based on a modular platform

CTOUCH Riva Specifications

  • Super user friendly interface: one touch & go
  • TrueBeam Touch – simulates natural handwriting
  • Triple S glass: smooth, stripeless and safe
  • Wireless screen sharing with EShare
  • Incl: Mozabook education software
  • State-of-the art Android 8 technology
  • Over-the-air updates: your display will always be up-to-date
  • Excellent JBL® Live Stage (Virtual) Surround sound
  • BRIX compatible: modular and futureproof
  • Incl: TrilbyTV

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