CTOUCH Essentials

All you need is touch

Designed to share digital content within seconds. Wirelessly and safely. The CTOUCH BRIX Essentials is there to make you shine. Combine your presentations with the infinite whiteboard and annotation tool. Walk up to the board and let your team’s ideas flow. Comined with our touchscreen, this collaboration solution makes meetings matter again!

Dare to share? Voila! It’s there!

App or web-based. Take wireless screen sharing during meetings to a whole new level with Voila. Share documents on the big touchscreen with any device. Get your presentation up and running within seconds and without installing any software. What about security? Just type in a unique 8-digit access code to unlock the magic of Voila. Secure. Reliable. Productive.

BRIX: a rock solid solution

Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Ready-for-the-Future! Our Riva and Canvas touchscreens have a modular design. That means that you can equip these touchscreens with any of our smart collaboration modules, such as the Essentials, Pro or For Teams. Our 'BRIX' family! And when your needs change? Simply upgrade the BRIX module or the BRIX license and you’re set to go. Futureproof it is!

Add a touch of writing and annotation

Write, mark and annotate directly on the touchscreen, together with your colleagues. And the best part is: you’ll never run out of writing space. Let our infinite and intuitive whiteboard bring more interaction to your team meetings.

Leave no trace behind

There's nothing more annoying than entering a cluttered meeting room with a bloated whiteboard. Well, that and cold coffee of course. With the BRIX Essentials solution in your touchscreen, you'll never have to leave a trace behind on the whiteboard. When you're done meeting, tap the 'exit' icon on the screen and *poof*, all the content is whiped. Keeping all your brilliant ideas to yourself. Ready for the next meeting!

Make it, mark it, mail it!

Did you ever have to make a picture of your annotations on a whiteboard? And then sent that picture from your phone to your email? Surely you have! But why going through all that trouble when you can simply send your magnicent drawings and notes from the touchscreen to your inbox? Digitally. And safely! The BRIX Essentials makes content sharing super easy.

Ready for a test ride? You won't regret it. We promise.

  • Slim whiteboard

    Maak aantekeningen
    waar je maar wilt

  • Draadloos delen

    Via PC, Mac, met
    of zonder app

  • Save & Send

    Via Email of USB

  • User

    Very easy interface

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Make your meetings and lessons come alive!

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