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Blog 28-01-2021

We survived the first month of the year!

2020 in a nutshell

Survival, flexibility and indulgement. But health above all. Yes, that's what characterised 2020, according to Remmelt, Bernard and Francois. It's a year never to be forgotten (unfortunately!). Who would have thought we would miss our colleagues this much? That's something we can all relate to at this moment.

These lockdowns have presented many challenges. How did our Service, Product & Innovation teams cope? What were our learnings in digital collaboration and how do we envision this for 2021? Click below to read about our perspective on the new year.

Through Teams, Zoom or at the office, we are looking forward to the many fun and inspiring talks with you about the modern workplace and digitisation in education.

On behalf of CTOUCH, we wish you a sparkling, inspiring and healthy 2021!

2020 in a nutshell

Rock-solid security

Privacy is one of the most important elements for any school or business. With our latest solutions, no software updates are required. No data storage that unnecessarily gets lost. So, how do you get this cybersecurity train going? Bob and Willem-Jan, two of our digital collaboration experts, talk you through the do's and don’ts in this blog.

Read do's and don'ts

Become a Microsoft Teams Pro!

Do you already use Microsoft Teams for online teaching and you're eager to improve your skills? Or are you planning on doing so, but need help on where to begin? We have some essential tips for teachers who use or want to use Microsoft Teams. Success guaranteed!

9 Microsoft Teams tips

A future-proof workplace (10 trends)

We were all urged to turn our homes into an office. A big challenge for the desk jockeys among us, but better times await. And when the time comes, how do you make the transition from working at home to a hybrid or back to an office worker? These are 10 trends that you don't want to miss out on...

Tips for a future proof workspace

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