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Blog 12-01-2021

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‘Strokable’ interactive display that you want to touch

Almost all large format touchscreens are similar in shape, proportions and finish to a traditional television. Anyone who has been near or grown up with any of these traditional flatscreen televisions knows that you must not touch them. Even though there is the temptation, preferably you don't. Especially when you have greasy fingered children running around.

With that in mind, our interactive displays now have a purpose-built design, actively enticing people to touch them. Want to know how our colourful and 'strokable' CTOUCHABLE™ design fits right within every kind of meeting? Then definitely click (or stroke) the button below:

View our strokable touchscreen solution

Modern workplace of 2021: trends and predictions

Many of us have been forced to exchange their familiar, companionable office jungle for the solo, ‘caged’ existence of working from home. But we know those office doors will go wide open someday. And then it's better to be prepared. So don't hesitate to read our latest whitepaper about the workplace trends of 2021.

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How to keep students engaged during online courses?

Sometimes it's just impossible to keep up. We're moving from traditional classrooms and lecture halls to virtual classrooms and online lectures. As a teacher, you want to do everything to keep your students engaged during those online courses. So, what's the strategy to keep students engaged during lessons?

Jan Hekmanschool upgrades their ICT expertise

The Jan Hekman school's ICT working group wanted to review their strengths and challenges. With an abundance of enthusiasm, they were very eager to extend their ICT knowledge. CTOUCH trainer Roy was just as much ready to get this ICT train going. Read about how our trainer Roy gave OBS Jan Hekmanschool a ICT boost

Oh deer, what a year!

Almost time to turn on your 'out of office'. Although it has been a crazy year, we still hope you're starting to feel those well-deserved Christmas vibes. Sit back and relax. Pour yourself a glühwein and indulge in a 2020 flashback. And here's to a happy 2021 without that horrible virus!

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