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News 25-11-2020

It’s your November 2020 news and much more!

From teamwork to dreamwork with the BRIX For Teams GO

From eternal tea-/coffee sessions to dynamic meetings with the new BRIX For Teams GO

Without a doubt 2020 is one for the history books. As a result, collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are popping up like mushrooms. And the best part is that you can experience the power of interactive touchscreens, like the CTOUCH Canvas and Riva, with having Microsoft Teams integrated.

Are you already under the spell of Microsoft Teams? Then you definitely want to work with the brand-new BRIX For Teams GO. Even if you're not that captivated by now, you will experience how easy it is to book a Teams Room session and collaborate on several projects with this BRIX solution. In the end, you can proudly share your results through email or use your very own Microsoft Teams account. Curious how internal and external communication gets a new and fun twist?

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Love at first touch with the Canvas

Last month we've proudly introduced the most caressable touchscreen ever, the CTOUCH Canvas. Do you want to work from your office in a corona proof way? Then the Canvas is the solution for flawless and even colourful team collaboration. Directly combine your Canvas with our brand new BRIX For Teams GO.

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The ideal normal and working from home

The speed at which the new way of working has become the new normal has taken everyone by surprise. Remote working will be more common after the corona period. All the more reason to accelerate the shift from the new normal to the ideal normal! Read all about it in this free whitepaper.

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Light, camera and...ACTION with the Riva

Not up to speed yet when it comes to all the CTOUCH Riva must know? Then view this video. Make your meetings and lessons come alive through an intuitive one touch & go user experience. And you can upgrade the CTOUCH Riva with our new BRIX For Teams GO. Sit back, relax, and see for yourself how dull lessons and meetings become history from now on. 

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From trends to reality in education

Blended learning, co-creation, student centricity, life-long learning, gamification, virtual classroom. We bring order to the chaos of buzzwords. These are the trends that will determine the future of higher education. Ready for our crash course about the future of higher education?

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