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Blog 02-04-2021

It's your March news and much more

Think agile working and digital scrum

Especially, over the past year we have gained experience in flexible and creative working in times of need. But how do we turn these experiences into habits and how do we make a ritual of working smarter? Welcome to the world of agile working and scrum! Of course in a digital way.

Discover who has already paved the way

The power of virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms in the business world have been popping up like mushrooms since last year. In a world of COVID-19, lockdowns and remote working, it is a trend that continues. Especially now that training sessions at nice locations are off duty, the virtual classroom offers a solution.

This is what you want to know about the virtual classroom

Ready for some bingo?

Time for some fun instead of those boring and long meetings. A Microsoft Teams bingo! Because we hear colleagues talk like: "Sorry, my last meeting ran late, I couldn't find the link and I thought this meeting would only start in half an hour? So grab your Team Bingo card and see who in your team has the first Bingo!

Play the Teams bingo!

Virtual learning evironment with a view

With COVID-19, blended learning is here to stay even more. Our unique virtual classroom is the answer to this. Do you want to give face-to-face classes with the latest educational technologies which many students can enjoy remotely?

Find out what our virtual classroom can do for you

VR and AR in higher education

Virtual reality and augmented reality in higher education. Can you imagine it? VR glasses in the classroom? We can! Companies are already taking the lead and students are increasingly putting VR and AI into practice. For example, performing surgical operations virtually and using AI to automatically adapt online teaching materials. This and much more is possible in higher education.

You can read it here

Why even more flexible working?

We're shifting away from working in individual cubicles, individual performance, rigid systems and standard working hours. Hello flexibility, partly thanks to the past year! How can we work flexible, also on the long term? Both employers and employees. Read it on our modern workplace page.

Learning with a WOW factor at Playing for Success

Never a lack of creativity at Playing for Success as they organise all gatherings in the Park Theatre and the Philips Football Stadium in Eindhoven. Every day, a CTOUCH touch screen is being used and the sessions are structured with the concept of a theatre performance or a football match. And that turns out to be a big score for both teachers and the children!

Experiences of Playing for Success

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