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Blog 09-05-2019

Hit the ground running with STEAM

The world of STEAM; surprising and challenging!

Are you ready for the future? Hit the ground running with STEAM. This is a teaching method focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. An educational method which is perfectly in line with the 21st century skills.

Learning as they play, children are being prepared for the future. We can't deny that for example programming, mechanics and automation play a major role within future work environments. Current school children are being educated in professions which don't even exist yet. Students become the innovators, educators and learners of the 21st century.

Some schools focus on Lego Education. Others are already actively using robots for teaching. Children learn basic courses like math, writing, reading and languages in a fun and challenging way. CTOUCH touchscreens are a perfect match as they are tailored to meet the 21st century skills. Not only learning becomes fun in the digital classroom. Even teachers will experience maximum fun!

At CTOUCH we strive for interactive education with a fun twist. A vibrant future education that crafts students' 21st century skills. No wonder we feel at home in the Dutch Brainport region, Eindhoven. Here we make touchscreens with maximum flexibility and zero concessions on quality.

Experience our catalysts for interaction at your school:

Meet a reliable and versatile touchscreen. With Adaptive Touch and top-notch Live Stage Surround sound you bring interactivity to a maximum level. And that's not all!

Discover our Laser Sky

Experience state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to the two-way functionality you easily and directly share your content from any device. You're free to add any other app you need. This and more is possible!

Discover the Laser Nova

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