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Blog 29-05-2021

Highlights of May

Content vividly shining with FlatFrog and native wireless sharing with AirServer

Interactive whiteboarding and wireless sharing. But in a FlatFrog and AirServer way that makes every meeting come alive even more

With the CTOUCH Canvas go a step further in interactive whiteboarding and wireless sharing. With the software package 'Elements', your projects are vividly shining on the Canvas screen through the use of various templates. And sharing creations is now even easier with a built-in tool. Without having to install anything on your external device.

A Canvas Elements sneak peak? Sure! The software package consists of the FlatFrog Board for Rooms which makes brainstorming, planning and execution even more visual. This thanks to templates for Agile planning, Scrum, Kanban, SWOT analyses and project planning.

And with AirServer allows native wireless sharing. Without having to install third-party apps on an external device. And the more the merrier; you can share up to 9 devices at once, with or without touchback.

Experience this and more when you work with the FlatFrog Board and the AirServer tool.

More about Canvas Elements

UBoardMate CC (for Windows): the Riva app as your perfect classroom companion

Intuitive UboardMate CC (for Windows) education app ready to use for every Maths, Geography, Science or any other class.

UboardMate CC (For Windows) helps you as a teacher to skip hours of software training and focus more on creating and delivering lessons with the benefit of touch on our CTOUCH Riva.

With these UboardMate CC tools and more this companion has got you covered for every lesson:

  • Choose from a wide range of subject tools such as rulers, calculators, solar systems, chemical equations and more for live demonstrations;
  • Make your lessons seamless with practical teaching tools such as timers, evaluations, charts, sticky notes and more;
  • Import any type of media content;
  • Open SMART Notebook (.notebook), Activinspire (.flipchart) and play and edit .IWB files;
  • Save and distribute your content in multiple file formats, incl. native .UBM;
  • Link Powerpoints, PDFs and Excel files;

BUT, that's not all!

More about UBoardMate CC

The key to digital scrum with these tips

How's our happiness level in terms of agile working and teaching? And how do we put that into practice with a touchscreen? We have listed all the how to's to become a real digital scrum expert! And you will also save a lot of physical workspace and post-its lying around.

Scrumming on a touchscreen

Next level collaboration with the CTOUCH For Teams Go

Experience the chemistry between a hybrid workplace and the CTOUCH For Teams GO solution. Choose from various video applications and improve team performance with, for instance, Miro, Jira or Trello. Collaborating has never been this flexible. Oh, and no worries about security thanks to the Microsoft Defender and Windows Firewall.

Discover the CTOUCH For Teams Go

Blended learning, say what?

Blended learning is not going to work if you just do it half-way. So how does an IT department prepare the school for the combination of online and traditional learning? With the right team and the right tools, you're making big steps in the right direction. See more tips how to get started with blended learning.

How to start with blended learning

How to prepare your organisation for a flexible workplace

How do you prepare yourself for not only future-proof working, but also future-proof architecture? In this blog, we update you on how spaces can be designed flexibly and creatively, and what benefits these workplaces bring. Without a doubt, the traditional workplace becomes outdated more and more.

How to work futureproof

The role of students, teachers and companies in the workfield

How do you prepare students for the business world if you do not involve companies in the region in your education? That is why universities and colleges are increasingly seeking to establish links with the business community in their area. This changes the role of students, lecturers and companies in the work field. Time to catch up!

Students and the business community: the perfect match

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