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Blog 01-03-2021

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How do you make your touchscreen futureproof and sustainable?

All BRIX solutions at a glance

Whiteboarding and screen sharing? Videoconferencing? Or full collaboration within Office 365? We have listed all the options so you can choose a BRIX solution that fits your needs. Watch the video for more about how our CTOUCH BRIX solutions make your touchscreen futureproof.

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Dare to EShare with the CTOUCH Riva

Sharing is caring with EShare

Do you want to share your lessons easily and wirelessly on a CTOUCH Riva screen? Then EShare is the app! We even have it preinstalled for you. So, right away you're ready to interact with your students or other audience.

A touch functionality that works both ways. Sharing educational content on the CTOUCH Riva from any device and vice versa. Up to 50 users who can switch between devices within one session. Does this already sound like music to your ears? Then find out more about the EShare app.

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How to think and breathe digital scrum

When being part of a constantly and rapid changing world, Agile and Scum become an inevitable way of working. Already, some generations even grow up with this working method. Not a keen scrummer yet? With our touchscreens this will change.

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Writing more accurately and video calls from eye-level

With the Canvas CTOUCH Writer pen, it's even easier to alternate in writing thicknesses and make your creations even more detailed. And finally you can have video calls from eye-level thanks to the magnetic webcam table, the CTOUCH Stage. Then you know for sure that you have everyone's attention. Read more about these Canvas accessories.

More about the Writer and Stage

AV Display Innovation of the Year Award goes to...the CTOUCHABLE™ design

No physical AV News Award ceremony this year, but we did win the AV Display Innovation of the Year award. And it went to... Our CTOUCHABLE™ design! Very proud that this design allows us to increase interactivity and productivity even more. How and why with this specific design?

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6 advantages of digital education

We all know that the new generation of students learns and works as no generation has ever done before. A generation that needs a blended or hybrid educational mix. In other words, offline and online teaching methods in which they discover, learn and play for themselves. So digital education is here to stay. So, what are the real benefits?

Benefits digital education

Top 5 articles that made your eyes smize

From the introduction of our BRIX solutions to our new virtual training room where you experience the magic of touchscreens yourself. In any case, a lot of news we treated you to. We understand it's hard to keep up sometimes. Are you secretly curious which top 5 articles were read the most?

Your Top 5 CTOUCH articles

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