Sander van Roon
News 13-04-2021

Education challenges? Bring it on for this education specialist

Where one country still has to deal with a more strict lockdown, somewhere else limited physical education is allowed. The fact is that school staff and students alike yearn to be in a classroom together and to be able to collaborate there rather than via the PC from their attic.

Although this period is characterised by one challenge after another, we see that digital education has flourished even more. No doubt about it since we all of a sudden had to master Microsoft Teams and Zoom in order to give a music lesson or take a popquiz or midterm exam. Learning by doing is also a way of mastering new technologies, and we will soon reap the rewards of this as we increasingly combine traditional education with digital education. Who else can tell you more about this? Our new Business Development Manager Education, Sander van Roon.

Education is the thread that runs through Sander's working life

Sander has been a member of the CTOUCH family since the 1st of March. He is 45 years old and lives in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands together with his girlfriend and children. Previously he worked for a Microsoft integrator as Sector Manager for Education. Before that he was active at two other integrators in the field of networking and security where education was also one of his focus areas. In the past, Sander also sold copy machines at primary schools. Education is therefore the thread that runs through his working life. But there is of course a lot more you want to know about Sander. So carry on reading further.

Why did you choose working at CTOUCH?

After my last job, I thought about what I really wanted. I had several jobs and roles and was looking for a role where I could combine the things I liked before. In any case, I really wanted to work for a manufacturer, in education, with new technology in a field that really benefits users. Here I get the full package. CTOUCH has given me a familiar warm feeling from the very first time I met them.

What will your average day be like?

My day is a combination of several things. Sparring with resellers about new projects. Reading up on tenders and ensuring, together with our partners, that they can submit a winning bid. Going to a customer/user to find out how things are going and what support they need. For example how we can make their work even more fun and easier with the help of our future products.

What are you looking forward to the most and maybe even the least? *We like honesty😉

I'm most looking forward to the day when all the educational institutions open their doors again and I can really visit customers again. I can think along with them and share our beautiful CTOUCH story with everyone. Uhmm...The least I look forward to is when a customer thinks that we haven't done things right or when we miss out on an order after a great project in which we gave it our all.

What else do you like to do besides surprising schools with all the possibilities of touch?

In no particular order: I like sports, friends, my family, smoke and chlorine. That means lying in a swimming pool or standing on the edge to train water polo. Spending an evening with friends in the garden with a beer and a nice piece of meat on the BBQ. I also enjoy weekend getaways and doing fun things with my girlfriend, making memories with my children, playing snooker or cards with friends or just relaxing on the couch watching sports.

Would you like to know more about our new Business Development Manager Education? Or are you curious how we can surprise your school with all the possibilities of a touchscreen?

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