Ingrid van de Poll

A chat with: Ingrid van de Poll

Why did you choose to work at CTOUCH?

When I saw the 2019 Christmas video (the 'winter holiday greetings from CTOUCH') I was enchanted right away. In my meeting with Kim and Anouk, they told me about the atmosphere, the colleagues, the organizational goals and the work and I immediately said yes. In principle, I was only going to work for four months, but I like it so much here that I changed my plans and would like to stick around for a few more years (and luckily I got that chance).

What does your average day look like?

Very variable. One or more meetings are scheduled every day, with a colleague or applicant or external consultant. Because of corona time, many of those consultations take place via Teams, and that works fine. I also chat with a colleague every day and those conversations can be about anything. Sometimes it leads to a lot of fun, sometimes it leads to a serious point on our HR agenda and we develop new instruments or policies as a result. I also deal with recruitment and selection, job satisfaction and employee development, guidance during sick leave and sometimes even saying goodbye to colleagues. A very versatile job!

Is the job the way you thought it would be before you joined CTOUCH?

Yes. I was given a realistic idea in my introductory meeting. Very nice, because it allowed me to know what to expect and what I would say "yes" to.

Which team has the most beautiful workspace and why?

The inside commercial department sits near the entrance, nice because that's when you receive all the guests from CTOUCH. Team marketing has a beautiful, metres long wooden table at which they work. Team P&I sits literally in the heart of the organization, between the blue ropes, and that color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and intelligence, among other things. The management team has a beautiful view of the so-called Light Bulb Park and the Clock building. Finance and HR, my direct colleagues, provide a lot of inspiration and sociability and that makes the workplace really great! Our Kitchen Queen has the beautiful canteen and a fully equipped kitchen at her disposal. Our trainer has beautiful rooms where he can provide the best training sessions.

Our warehouse is flooded with daylight and has all the modern tools at its disposal. The colleagues from Customer Care have a copy of almost every screen so they can help the customer optimally. The engineers proudly drive around in the cool stickered buses. Oh, and did I mention our own balcony? In other words: I can't choose!

What is the biggest mistake a job candidate can make? You may name several.

Here's my cheat sheet:

  • Not being honest. There is no point in fooling us and/or yourself.
  • Not daring to name pain points / weaknesses; everyone has them! The question is how you deal with it.
  • Not naming your added value. Name it; we can't always tell from your face. (Mentioning it once or twice is enough by the way 😉).

Below are CTOUCH's core values, which one appeals to you the most? And how do you apply it in your job?

They all appeal to me and I use them all on a daily basis. But if I have to choose now, I choose 'We are proud'. This one can be explained in many ways. Colleagues are proud of our displays and solutions, of what they manage to do alone or together, of individuals; well, of a lot of things! I find it really remarkable how high the level of appropriate pride is.

Colleagues can even put each other in the spotlight if they think that person has done a good job, how nice is that!

What tips do you have for someone who wants to do this kind of work?

Choose the organization that suits you, and go for it! And above all: enjoy what you do!


We actively look for better ways to work together and deliver brilliant results.


Every day we go to work with drive, enthusiasm and optimism.


The people we do business with matter. We go the extra mile to delight and make a difference.

own it.

We do what we can to do things properly and succeed. We help each other and those who matter to us.