Ad Ooms

A chat with: Ad Ooms

Why did you choose to work at CTOUCH?

Well, I was looking for a job and spotted the vacancy. It wasn't until I was employed that I realized how much I enjoyed working for CTOUCH.

The shared lunch and the C-Vitals are special. The C-Vitals are very diverse events: sports activities or working together on a variety of good causes, such as helping the elderly, homeless, etc. We are going to do an activity with a small CTOUCH group. The most enjoyable C-Vital so far was the self-defense course.

What does your average day look like?

We get together in the morning and discuss the day. Then everyone goes about their jobs, which means printing out warehouse receipts, picking orders, unloading trucks, preparing orders for shipment so they can be picked up. Each day is different! We like to help colleagues who are busy with all kinds of other activities. For example: preparing exhibition pallets, putting together special promotions, counting products in the warehouse, etc.

The great thing about my job is that everyone here can take over each other's work. Now that's teamwork!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best part of my job is loading and unloading trucks and the contact with the drivers. You just build a bond with everyone who visits our warehouse; and that feels good.

What music channel/genre do you prefer to be on in the warehouse?

Cheerful music this can be any genre for me. Especially 100% NL or 538: die verrückte halbe Stunde, are my favorite radio stations.

elow are CTOUCH's core values, which one appeals to you the most and explain how you apply it in your job.

We own it. We make sure that all orders are delivered on time. We always go the extra mile in our warehouse. A happy customer is a happy warehouse.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to do this kind of work?

You will have the opportunity at CTOUCH to improve yourself. Use it to your advantage. Do your job, be precise, act like a team player, because together we are more powerful and we get things done.


We actively look for better ways to work together and deliver brilliant results.


Every day we go to work with drive, enthusiasm and optimism.


The people we do business with matter. We go the extra mile to delight and make a difference.

own it.

We do what we can to do things properly and succeed. We help each other and those who matter to us.