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Encouraging touch!

We believe that interactive experiences in collaboration and knowledge sharing can foster workplace happiness and lead to richer work results. But how do you start having interactive experiences? It begins with love at first touch.

Why is touch-first different?

Almost all large format touchscreens look like a traditional television. Anyone who has grown up with any of these traditional TV's knows that you MUST NOT TOUCH THEM! Because of this existing presumption the CTOUCHABLE™ design ethos is developed to naturally encourage people to touch the screen, so that engaging, collaborative & social working behaviour can follow.


CTOUCHABLE™ is a design system that helps teams build high-quality touch experiences for large, interactive displays. The CTOUCH Canvas is the first interactive display with Touchable Design - a product language developed at CTOUCH that encourages touch.

3 Steps of Attraction

  1. From a far distance: Coloured rugged rubber edge
  2. From an intimate distance: Soft-touch textile frame
  3. Into the digital space: Touchable buttons and intuitive menu

Colours of collaboration

Regal Orange

Orange is known to trigger conversation and excitement, whilst activating your brain. This is why it is often found in hotels and restaurants. It is also the Colour of Dutch Royal Family.

Electric Blue

Electric blue communicates significance, importance, and confidence. It is associated with intuition, imagination, inspiration, stability, and intelligen

Midnight Grey

Midnight grey is a timeless colour that lends from the strength & mystery of black. It is formal, balanced & sophisticated.

Create something together

We foresee a shift in the way people will be working and learning. A future where people no longer sit all day to be productive, thanks in part to gatherings which are treated more as a collaboration opportunity instead of a meeting or showcase.

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