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Students, just like trainees in corporate life, learn best through seeing, hearing and practicing. Get the most out of this knowledge by using CTOUCH solutions. Use our tools to offer your apprentices an interactive and contemporary approach to exchanging information in a way that is just as fun as it is educational. Enhance your favorite learning methods with the best touch quality. Bring up visual content, or let your questions get answered through touch.

Connect audiovisual devices to the display and make your training even more interactive. No student will ever again want to skip your classes.

CTOUCH at premier league football clubs

Professional football clubs know that overcome and prevail can’t exist without the right technique. They are looking for solutions to discuss tactics in a more dynamic way. The technical staffs therefore chose CTOUCH displays to reach a new interactive dimension in training the footballers.

Until now flip charts, magnetic boards and TV screens were mostly used to discuss tactics, to analyze matches and determine line-ups. Then various limitations played a role. Because, how do you take care of annotation in the video analysis of footage? And how do you discuss a lineup that is visible for everyone and also is dynamic?
CTOUCH displays were installed with both fixed and mobile mounting solutions. Therefore, they are able to discuss strategies without losing a fixed base.

Thanks to the touch displays of CTOUCH, the training is an even richer media experience. “The display brings interaction in the room or discussions to the next level.”

Match footage was obviously already analyzed, but the link to other resources is now easier. Images can be provided with annotation (on the screen) and switching between video and line-up is easy. This makes the training not only a richer experience, but also more effective and more motivating.

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