The ideal place to work with pleasure for years!

Roel vermaat, director of MK2

MK2, a partner who is always ready for the next step!

MK2 is a strategic partner for CTOUCH in the Benelux. The flexible and professional attitude makes this company a great partner to work with. For CTOUCH as well as for their customers.

MK2 was secretly busy with this project for a while, but now it is reality: The three existing MK2 premises became too small to accommodate the expansion over the last years. Last month they moved to a new and much bigger building. All activities can now be combined under one roof.

The building is huge in all aspects. “The ideal place to work with pleasure for years!” Thus Roel vermaat, director of MK2.
The plans for the new showroom are already there and they certainly look very innovative & promising. CTOUCH displays will be well represented in this new area and in the building.

CTOUCH thinks that the new accommodation will definitely help to achieve growth in the upcoming years and wishes them lots of success and work pleasure at Minervum 7020 in Breda.

MK2 building


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